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Glamping in the Herald Part 4: Glamping R&B: Rest and Break

Herald Glamping 4 R&BEditor’s note: This is the fourth in a six-part series about camping in style.

When considering a family holiday, I think of rest and relaxation from the busy pace of everyday life. And I crave a break; from cleaning, from cooking and from the everyday chores synonymous with family life.

Camping simply doesn’t tick those boxes.

This week’s column shares a few tips on getting a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors and taking the grunge out of washing-up.

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Happy Glamping!

When sleeping with nature, sometimes you simply need a comfy picnic table for an afternoon nap in the sun, like during this canoe trip in Kejimkujik.
When sleeping with nature, sometimes you simply need a comfy picnic table for an afternoon nap in the sun, like during this canoe trip in Kejimkujik.

Petit Fours: MasterChef-themed birthday party

Homemade banner by Paige and Peacock
Homemade banner by Paige and Peacock

I divulge…I’ve finally conceded to the addictive nature of reality TV. I blame the foodie in me…and my daughter, who spent an afternoon over Christmas holiday watching a MasterChef omnibus. We were hooked.

“Can I have a MasterChef birthday?” she inquired, knowing perfectly well I would rise to the challenge.

Friends who know me, know I’m party-crazed, theme-obsessed and committed to raising the bar when it comes to kids parties. From down-to-earth camp parties to glamorous spa spectacular, and even a splashy mermaid party complete with custom-made tails, there is no theme too challenging — even a party that involves nine kids (plus a few adults) creating chaos in the kitchen.IMG_5406

Here’s the highlights from our MasterChef 12th birthday party, in partnership with my fabulous sister, owner of Paige and Peacock Event Designs, recently launching its children’s party division ‘Petit Fours @ Paige and Peacock‘, together we conspired to pull off a chef party like no other!

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Girls received Masterchef Aprons and drew colours to be placed on either the Red, Purple or Orange team. Our three celebrity chefs made their introductions and girls received an Agenda to set them up for the next three hours of culinary creativeness.

Pressure Test:

Master the art of separating an egg white from an egg (hilarious), then whip up snowy-white mini-meringues for a delish Pavlova, in under 20 mins.

Mystery Box Challenge:

A MasterChef party wouldn’t be complete without the famous Mystery Box.  At our party, three boxes contained ingredients for making the ‘quintessential starter’:  The Humble Dip. Their task — to create either a fruit, veggie or chip dip in under 15 mins.

The purple team with their fancy chip dip were given a ‘huge advantage’ for the final Pavlova challenge and ‘Chef Alvin’ was keeping a close, objective eye on the chefs.

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Invention Test:

Next the girls were tasked with creating a ‘Master Pizza’. They were given pre-made dough but had to roll the dough and design a masterpiece art-like pizza using unusual ingredients they wouldn’t usually put on their pizzas.

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By the time the teams completed the invention test, the mini-meringues were ready to transform into Pavlovas. The winners of the Mystery Box were able to choose one of three special toppings for their Pavlovas and decide which toppings the other two teams would work with:

  • mini easter eggs
  • colourful jelly beans or
  • Hershey’s kisses

Unfortunately Team purple forgot the sugar in their meringues!

This final challenge took them to chao time. We judged the pizzas and the teams each voted on the best Pavlova (not voting for themselves).

Awards were given and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ with a candle-adorned ‘Daniel’s Lemon Lime Cheesecake‘ coined after an episode of MasterChef Canada, masterfully made by Autumn (as mom was flu-smothered).

“Best party ever!“….“Sooo much fun“…“Thanks Mom“

It was a crazy three hours…but worth every smile, belly laugh and miscracked egg.20140320-183916.jpg