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Every summer we take some time out and hit the road in search of beautiful places to get lost. This blog documents our camping family adventures in the Maritimes and along the eastern seaboard; the humour, beauty, blunders and memorable moments of getting down with nature, getting lost in our family and exploring Canada’s great outdoors.

Going it alone at Nova Scotia Provincial Park campgrounds: How the shift to self-service affects campers

Countdown, T-minus-2-Days until Parks Nova Scotia reservation lines open for camping season 2015. Here’s how the move for some campgrounds to self-service will affect you.

East Coast Glamping

Photographer: Scott Munn | Source NSTA Photographer: Scott Munn | Source NSTA

This camping season, ‘Ranger Google’ might be campers port-of-call at some Nova Scotia provincial parks. We asked how this will affect your camping experience.

Nova Scotia will see seven of 20 provincial parks move to self-service, including two parks located within Halifax Regional Municipality.  We had a few questions around how this will affect campers and glampers alike. Here’s what we found out…

Campgrounds moving to a self-service model (Red are campgrounds East Coast Glamping services)

Here’s a few considerations:

  1. Self-service check-in: It will be important campers have their registration form printed and know their campsite before arriving. This will help you…

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