Venice 2011 223Cyndi Sweeney

Cyndi’s passion for storytelling evolved in Vancouver, where she worked in film and television development before moving to broadcast media at Corus Entertainment in Toronto, Canada.

She spent 13 years living in Dublin, Ireland before moving to Nova Scotia, earning her Journalism degree at University of King’s College. Cyndi has a Geography degree from University of Western Ont. which has served her love of exploring and kept her off the beaten track.

When she’s not creating in the kitchen, glamping or skiing the wild Maritime peaks, she is a regular contributor to The Chronicle Herald in The Community Herald, Dakai Maritimes Magazine and is an online editor and writer at Power Transformer News. Her work has aired on CBC The World This Weekend.

As a freelancer, versatility is paramount and Cyndi’s services include event photographyreal estate photography and corporate writing.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Cindi, I enjoyed your article and photos in the Irish Times today. Thanks. I am from Dublin from have been living in Canada and plan to move back to Ireland fairly soon. My biggest concern with the move will my getting my two doggie children back safe and sound. I see you brought your two dogs to Canada. Can you give me some information on how you got the dogs there becuase from the photots, it looked like you took them with you on the plane. All the information I have received so far says my dogs have to fly sepereately on a cargo place – my journey will be from Vancouver to Dublin. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks Cindi.

  2. Thank you Carol. I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow.
    I’d be happy to post you some advice. I believe it’s different travelling back to Ireland – do they have to be quarantined?
    It was a huge a challenge getting them here – but in the end, they made it safe and sound.
    I will post some of the logistics we faced on my blog later today — and you can definitely email me with any other questions.
    Give Ireland a hug for me when you go back.

    1. Thanks Cindi. There is a reciprocal agreement between Ireland and Canada so no quarantine is required but there are several hoops you have to jump through and I get dizzy just reading about it. I thought it would be great to hear from someone first hand their experiences transporting their pets. I would love to hear about your experience. Could I get an email address for you and I will shoot you a message? THanks for your time Cindi.

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