Dakai Maritimes: Eva & Me

Winter2014 Poignant imagery and honest observations reveal the story of a young orphan from China, a father from rural Nova Scotia and their journey building a life together in Lunenburg, impacting both their destinies.

From the opening quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Where there is love there is life,”  Eva Purcell-MacIntyre and John MacIntyre’s book, EVA and ME weaves a powerful combination of recollections and images to tell the story of Eva Marie.  MacIntyre’s prose compliment Eva’s transition from a once stoic and cautious 14-month-old baby, to a vibrant and glowing 12-year-old.

MacIntyre says the book was inspired by Douglas Coupland’s ability to tell anew a popular story about Terry Fox in his pictorial biography, Terry.  “With that book in mind, I wanted to explore a father daughter relationship in a meaningful way that might be photographically driven and have the text to support,” recalls MacIntyre.

When the idea first hatched, his daughter wasn’t so keen.  “I kept pestering her and she wasn’t having any part of it … we all have good stories and I think hers is pretty good,” MacIntyre laughs.

“Sharing my story with my community, I felt very proud,” says Eva MacIntyre.  “We had a launch for the book and a lot of people showed up. They asked me to sign their book, and it felt like, wow, this is cool.”

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