Community Herald: The big and small of childcare

Entrusting a child into daycare or family-run childcare can be a daunting experience for parents. Researching available choices can help navigate these waters, finding the best option to fit the needs of every family.

Angie Bryant knows the benefits of both larger childcare centres and smaller family-run facilities. Bryant is executive director of Fox Hollow Child Care Centre and Family Home Agency in Upper Tantallon.

“For a stay-at-home mom who wants to mind other children along with her own, she doesn’t have get licensing through Department of Education and Early Childhood Development services,” says Bryant — a former EPA — provided they don’t exceed six children.

Family Home Day Care Programs provide care options for children from birth to school age, in a home monitored by a regulated family home daycare agency.

Community Herald interviewed early childcare workers in Dartmouth, Sackville, Prospect Bay and Upper Tantallon.  For a look at childcare options, big and small, read the full story in today’s Community Herald.

“Most families of preschool-age children between three and five-years-old, want to know their children are being prepared for going into primary school … they want to know if a facility offers a school readiness program, and our answer to parents is yes,” says Barb Wade, director at the Sackville location of Adventurers Child Care Centre.