Community Herald: Glamping inspiration for foodies

Ready to grill, bell peppers stuffed with goat cheese, aka chevre, mixed with herbs, tomatoes or your fave mix.
Ready to grill, bell peppers stuffed with goat cheese, aka chevre, mixed with herbs, tomatoes or your fave mix.

The third installment in six part glamping summer column about camping with style.

Hot dogs and toasted s’mores are synonymous with camping.

But, often a head of lettuce or round watermelon can push a camping cooler beyond maximum capacity, sparking the dilemma: how to make space to enjoy a little luxe in your weekend camping menu.

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Here’s some inspiration gleaned from a recent trip to P.E.I. where we were heaving at the seams, packing for two adults and four children for a total of three nights.

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Marinated kebabs with pre-soaked skewers and dips
Marinated kebabs with pre-soaked skewers and dips

See for more recipe like grilled stuffed peppers, campfire brie and menu ideas or follow along on ECGlampers Facebook page.


Happy Glamping!

Power Transformer News: Doble: More utility companies willing to invest in monitoring solutions

In an interview with international power consultants Doble EngineeringPower Transformer News asked Doble President Dave Zabetakis and Vice President of Consulting and Testing Services, Paul Griffin about the company’s position in the changing transformer diagnostics market.

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Community Herald: A squirrel’s-eye view

Editor’s note: This is Part 2 in a six-part series about camping in style.

Travelling with a young family creates many memories. But the memories often get blurred in the whirlwind chaos and speed that is life today.

And sometimes the beautiful, hilarious and quintessential details become lost.

This was part of the inspiration behind our blog about family glamping. Photos tell a story, but it’s what unfolds behind the scenes that reveal the true reality.

Take for instance our recent glamping shoot with Global Morning News Halifax. Planned to be a simple snippet of glamping at Dollar Lake Provincial Park, in the early hours before the shoot, it looked more like a reality TV disaster (think Osbournes with Ozzy and Sharon).

For tips from our recent glamping adventure and the full column read on…

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Community Herald: Community call-out for “A” stream clean-up

SWEPS and volunteers at “A” Lake stream clean-up in 2013.  They’re hoping even more people will join their efforts this Saturday at 10 a.m. in Fall River.
SWEPS and volunteers at “A” Lake stream clean-up in 2013. They’re hoping even more people will join their efforts this Saturday at 10 a.m. in Fall River.

A team of young people are wading through streams in Fall River in the name of restoration and they’re looking for participants to come and join them for a stream clean-up on the morning of Sat. July 19.

Grab a pair of wellie boots and join Keegan McGrath of Shubenacadie Watershed Environmental Protection Society (SWEPS) at “A” lake stream behind Lockview High School in Fall River.

“Stream clean-ups build pride in the community and its natural resources … and gives people a chance to see the restoration work being done to keep the streams healthy and create habitat for important fish species like Gaspereau or Brook trout,” says McGrath, a Master’s graduate of Environmental Science at Dalhousie University.

Having spent childhood summers swimming in the lakes around Dartmouth, McGrath says he’s begun to view the rivers and lakes through a different lens.  “I think about how they would have been in the past, how they might be in the future and all of the pressures that we put on them through development,” says the stream restoration specialist.

The Shubenacadie water system flows all the way from Dartmouth to Minas Basin making it the primary watershed in Nova Scotia says Anna McCarron.

Read more about volunteering this weekend and making a positive impact on local waterways.

Community Herald: Putting the glamour in camping

IMG_7501Here’s where my two worlds collide. In my spare time I’m an enthusiastic ‘glamper’ and blogger. The two hobbies came together a couple of years ago and it’s since evolved. I’ve been asked to write a summer series on glamping for the Community Herald.

Here’s my first ever column: Thanks for adventuring along!

Meet the East Coast Glampers

We are not about luxurious European bell tents with room service and pot-bellied stoves.

But we are about buntings, cooking with local fare and getting down with nature, infusing European glamping style, a.k.a. ‘glamorous camping’, into our Maritime camping adventures.

We are East Coast Glampers, an online blog about sharing glamping tips, tricks and inevitable blunders, with the hope our mishaps won’t become yours.

After moving to Nova Scotia from Ireland almost three years ago, we now spend our summers in search of ‘beautiful places to get lost’, while finding ways to ensure a camping holiday is a holiday for the entire family.

Fancy trying a little glamping?  Here’s a few tips to get your family started.

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For recipe ideas like Smokey Campfire Brie with Sizzling Peach Salsa, menus and marinades see

For more ideas on putting a little luxe in your camping adventures, follow our blog or check out our new FaceBook page.

East Coast Glampers is guest blogging for DIY Passion on Halifax Bloggers in August, showing how to make Glamping Lap Mats for dining around the campfire.

This is the first of a seven part series appearing in the Community Herald.

Happy glamping!

Community Herald: Ensuring that each person SOARS

Meet the team at SOARS: Mary Anne Nearing, Anthoney Gough, Tonya Oxford, Shawn O'Connell and Lindsay MacEachern. (L-R).
Meet the team at SOARS: Mary Anne Nearing, Anthoney Gough, Tonya Oxford, Shawn O’Connell and
Lindsay MacEachern. (L-R). “We’ve all been involved in different agencies … and we’ve become aware there isn’t the opportunities for these guys to have multiple day programs to go too. We have a lot of programs that are on waiting lists,” says Nearing.

A ‘people-first’ philosophy and a focus on creating opportunities for individuals living with physical or intellectual challenges, is at the heart of SOARS, which opened on June 28 in Knox United Church in Sackville.

Social Opportunities and Rec Society of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit society providing day programs, drop-in’s and summer camps for people between age 16 and 35, with a focus on persons deemed with complex case or placement issues.

“We want to have a grassroots, personal approach,” says founder and executive director Anthoney Gough from Middle Sackville. “If you keep people first in all your planning and development at all stages of your programs and activities, then you can’t go wrong.”

The youngest from a family of 16 brothers and sisters, Gough says he learned from an early age that everyone has a variety of strengths and weaknesses and that there are many societal barriers making it difficult for certain members of society, whether minority or ability-based.

“From a very young age, if I could see it, I just tried to do it,” says Gough.

He says he saw the need to help the growing number of people with disabilities awaiting services. “There’s 145 people on wait lists around the metro area and that’s only the tip of the iceberg … many people haven’t applied to wait lists and there’s 16 high schools … so let’s say four kids coming out every year, that’s about 64 kids every year. Where are those 64 going every year?” asks Gough.

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