Community Herald: Seeking the ‘extraordinary’ within a name

MSMS students placing themselves inside their rendition of Alex Colville's painting 'To Prince Edward Island'
MSMS students placing themselves inside their rendition of Alex Colville’s painting ‘To Prince Edward Island’

Nova Scotia Primary to Grade 12 students have found it’s not so much a name that’s important, but what lies within a name. They have submitted more than 75 ideas for naming the upcoming February holiday, including suggestions for the next 12 Nova Scotian cultural or historical contributors to be recognized annually.

“The interest lies in the dialogue about all the potential of so many people” says Mary Beth Osburn, visual arts teacher at Madeline Symonds Middle School in Hammonds Plains. She opened the dialogue, one lunch hour, with a few of her students.

“Some of the most amazing things happen at the least anticipated moments …” says Osburn, “… and the kids don’t even realize they’re apart of something so much bigger.”

“I challenge you to get your own day … and then send me a coffee, because I told you, you could have it!” she laughs with her students. “From small places, come mighty things.” Mary Beth Osburn, MSMS Art Teacher

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