Community Herald: Project COLORS plants seeds of change


A small humanitarian society along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia has spread it’s wings, since sparking to life, quite by happenstance, 10 years ago when a young woman from Lawrencetown was travelling overseas during a “gap year.”

Sunyata Choyce, founder of Project COLORS, had no way of knowing her decision to detour to a South African orphanage, home to 55 aids orphans, would catapult her into the full-time life as a NGO worker.

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“If I let every little thing that backfired stop me from helping with Project COLORS , then so many kids wouldn’t have water, wouldn’t have gone to school, the teachers wouldn’t have had the Early Child Care education training, all those schools all over the world wouldn’t have these first aid kits … you have to look at the bigger picture. If you try a few things, something is bound to work out,” says Choyce.