Community Herald: Don’t be afraid to go to great heights, overcome fears

“If you’re afraid, than you’re in the wrong room.”

Those were the opening remarks to an energized crowd, as Henk van Leeuwen, CEO of Easter Seals Nova Scotia and Scott Jones of Don’t Be Afraid, announced their alliance and the kickoff of the countdown to The Drop Zone 2014.

“Scott’s cause is our cause and his message is our message…it’s about being free of fear to be yourself, it’s about being ok and being empowered to be yourself everyday…regardless of the color of your skin, or your sexual orientation or your faith,” said van Leeuwen during the press conference.

 “Challenge yourself and change lives” is the mission at Easter Seals.  “There’s such power and leverage in strategic alliances, we’re helping to promote each others campaign…ultimately, I think we’re the same campaign,” said van Leeuwen.

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