Annapolis Valley Herald: Annapolis farm Loblaw’s Grower of the Year

Anapolis LoblawsAnnapolis Valley shone at Loblaw’s annual assembly last week, where more than 60 Maritime growers— representing the rainbow in produce — joined Loblaw’s representatives, local MLA’s and industry leaders like Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, to discuss seasonal predictions, growing trends and announce the Grower of the Year award.

Annapolis grower Richard Melvin of Melvin Farms says new quality assurance initiatives being introduced by Loblaw is good for the farms and good for customers.

“The earlier we assure quality in the equation, the lower the cost over all. The worst case scenario is to get a product onto the retail shelf and have a problem with it … it’s better to stop it at the farm level,” said Melvin.

Richard Melvin of Melvin Farms in Canning, NS
Richard Melvin of Melvin Farms in Canning, NS

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