Power Transformer News: IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition 2014

IEEE PES T&DOne of the most important events in the transformer industry calendar is coming to a close: the IEEE Power and Energy Society’s Transmission & Distribution Conference and Exposition, which took place in Chicago this week.

Here’s the online article with insight from Noel Shulz, IEEE PES Officer and Past President , and futurist and innovation expert Daniel Burrus, founder and CEO, Burrus Research.

“The world’s fastest super-computer two years ago, was disassembled four months ago because it’s now obsolete,” Daniel Burrus, Burrus Research

“The South Korean government is already investing $1.5 billion into developing and deploying 5G by the end of the decade,” Daniel Burrus, Burrus Research

Written by Cyndi Sweeney & Daniel Winter