Cast on vaca: Day 3: Wrath of Claw

20140309-095648.jpgHow to keep busy on a ‘non-skiing ski holiday’?

  1. Find the Games Room and Rock the Claw:

Today, Castie and I went to the games room and played the claw. Castie was nervous, she thought she would be sucked in!

But can you believe it, we got two toys. Castie almost fainted.

2. Find water and make a splash!

All wrapped up for swimming...outside.
All wrapped up for swimming…outside.

I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to swim…but desperate measures call for desperate acts!

“It’s a wrap!” said Dad!

If you’ve ever tried to swim with a cast, it’s tricky. Castie thought the whole experience was spooky. That’s because dad wrapped her up in two bags, taped her closed to make sure no water would sneak through.

Our hotel has a heated outdoor pool! We swam out under this reef-type doorway into the cold, wintery evening — but the massive pool was warm. The hot tub was even better. I got to swim two times today!

3. Tint you toes

It’s my big sis’ birthday so mum booked us in for pedicures! We had a sister day of pedicures and lunch – all by ourselves. Super cool!

Oooh sparkly blue toes get a thumbs up from Castie.
Oooh sparkly blue toes get a thumbs up from Castie.

“March Break can be full breaks…literally falling so close to February’s icy slick grasp, sometimes the best laid family holiday plans are fractured by an injury or illness. My daughter’s finding the silver lining and wanted to make a diary of her ‘attached at the finger’ buddy, Castie. Perhaps her optimism can help other families salvage the dramas that often disrupt a well-planned family ‘vacay’.” With a little help from a creative…often desperate and slightly frantic mum, trying to solve the puzzles in her world.

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