Cast on vaca: Day 3 Slip, slide and spin

Taking the shuttle to Summit village
Taking the shuttle to Summit village

Tonight we took the shuttle bus into Summit lodge and went tubing! Castie loved it! We bundled her up in the only gloves that would fit — mum’s new wooly gloves knit by grandma last Christmas. It’s a good look! I also wore mum’s vest as Castie is too big for my ski coat. Brrrr.

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“March Break can be full breaks…literally falling so close to February’s icy slick grasp, sometimes the best laid family holiday plans are fractured by an injury or illness. My daughter’s finding the silver lining and wanted to make a diary of her ‘attached at the finger’ buddy, Castie. Perhaps her optimism can help other families salvage the dramas that often disrupt a well-planned family ‘vacay’.” With a little help from a creative…often desperate and slightly frantic mum, trying to solve the puzzles in her world.

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