5 Steps to protecting your name online

Reserving your child’s domain name couldn’t be easier.

It can protect them in years ahead, as they navigate the murky cyberspace of their tween and teen years.

  1. Find a domain registrar you trust.  We like GoDaddy.  But there’s NameCheap and Name.com or domainmonster, to name a few.
  2. Most registrars will ask if you’re interested in several add-ons. They’re not necessary if you’re simply reserving the name for future.
  3. Canadian? I’d recommend .com and .ca. They’re the most commonly searched, but the value is really in the .com’s.  Some registrars offer a discount for multi-name buys.
  4. Purchase before middle school: To protect our children against potential peer bullying, we opted to reserve their names when they were about 11-years-old.  This is generally the age they’re regularly using internet and it pre-dates middle school and high school, where tech-savvy kids have the means and know-how to effectively manipulate an online identity.
  5. Leave the domain blank.  Don’t use your child’s name to post pictures and personal information.  It’s potentially harmful and can open children to online predators. Keep it private = Keep it safe.

This advice comes from me, a tech-savvy mom interested in protecting her kids online and sharing advice with parents, to help us all stay one step ahead.  Take the advice or leave it.  But stay safe!

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