Sneaky November not so subtle

Get the coffee brewing. The mornings in our house are getting darker and louder these days.

November is a sneaky month.  It’s supposed to be the calm after Halloween and brief pause before holiday frantics kick off.

All three of our little darlings are well-beyond that post-toddler age; all now have commitments to homework, band, choir, sports and social enticements…even our mornings are getting…busier.

This morning, as Talbot took on the kitchen assembly line and I ran around signing homework journals and digging out change for Remembrance Day donations, the sudden honking, somewhat reverberating sound of Autumn’s new instrument filled the halls.

There’s nothing like learning to play a French Horn at 7:45 a.m. to get the house moving.

Hot Cross Buns and Three Blind Mice….Ode To Joy and I think I heard what sounded like Jingle Bells.  All in pre-concert preparation.

In conjunction with Autumn’s harmonics, Amelia hopped on the piano and decided to adhere to my repeated pleas to get practising.  We had an instant mosh-up of Hot Crossed Buns and the Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On filling the halls.

Only I’m smothered with a cold and my ears are itchy and burning that I disappeared upstairs to find refuge in ironing Amelia’s white shirt for her Remembrance Day choir performance tomorrow.  I hate ironing.

All before 8 a.m.  Welcome November.